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Upseat Baby Floor Seat Features

Convenient and Ergonomic Baby Chair Made with Parents and Babies in Mind


Whether you’re going to a restaurant, your parent’s house, or to a play date, the Upseat’s lightweight design and convenient handle allows for easy transportation.

— Grab-and-go handle

— Lightweight material

Quality Material

The Upseat is made from medical grade plastics that are so durable, each seat comes with a lifetime warranty.

—Does not contain any led, phthalates, or other harmful materials

— Smooth and comfortable surface

3-in-1 Seat

The Upseat is versatile and can be used as a floor seat for sitting up, a booster seat using the handy conversion straps, or a feeding seat with an attachable tray. It’s the perfect seat for playtime and feeding.

— Large Tray

— Booster seat conversion straps

Designed by Physical Therapists

The Upseat was designed and developed with the help of leading physical therapists, giving you the confidence to use the seat with your child.

— Trusted by leading physical therapists

— Research and development with over 50 physical therapists

Perfect For Ages 4 Months – 2 Years

The Upseat conveniently grows with your baby from the early stages of propping themselves up all the way to being independent explorers. With 730 days of potential use, the Upseat gives your little one the time to engage the muscles responsible for proper, upright posture and work towards developing healthy hips.

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