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2-in-1 baby seat


Upright posture

The Upseat was developed with the help of leading physiotherapists. Its ergonomic design encourages  anterior pelvic tilt; a slight forward rotation of the pelvis that engages the muscles responsible for proper, upright posture.

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"This seat is amazing! My little boy sits up so well in it. The larger leg holes fit his chubby legs. I love that he is sitting properly, and that this chair helps with his development. The handle makes it so easy to carry and I love that we can use it at the table as a booster. It comes with the tray too! Thank you Upseat!"


"I was so excited when I heard about this new baby chair. My babies love being upright and interacting with the world, but the other baby chairs just leave them slumped down at floor level. The Upseat sits them straight up AND acts as a safe booster seat/high chair (this is so important to me)."



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