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Tray for Upseat Baby Floor and Booster Seat


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Tray for Upseat Baby Floor and Booster Seat

Product Details

Improved Tray Design: Designed for ease of attaching and removing from your Upseat. Simply squeeze each side of the buckle to release the tray.

Safe: Made with food contact-safe materials, and tested to ensure that there are no phthalates, lead, or other contaminants

Lifetime Return or Replacement Policy: Quality is paramount to us. If you experience any problems with this tray, contact us and we will replace or refund your purchase.

Easy to Clean: The Upseat Tray’s surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Travels Well: Simply attach the tray to the Upseat, and carry the combined Upseat and tray using the Upseat handle.

Please Note: All Upseat orders do come with trays. This is for customers who have misplaced their tray or who would like to upgrade their current model.


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Click here for the Upseat Tray's instruction manual.