Fun Activity Ideas for Baby Chairs


Floor seats are a huge market right now! Who wouldn't want to keep your baby upright and happy for a few minutes while you get something done?! I can completely relate! But, here are some helpful things to keep in mind when shopping for a floor seat for your babe.

Look for These Things When Shopping for a Baby Seat

  1. A seat that keeps baby's back straight rather than rounding it into a "c-shape"
  2. Pelvis tilted slightly forward which promotes upright posture
  3. Head aligned with the hips and shoulders and not leaning to the side or slouching forward
  4. Head upright and not protruding forward
  5. Sitting equally on both sit bones which allows equal reaching with both arms

The Best Baby Chair

The Upseat knocked it out of the park with pelvic positioning. Other seats tilt the pelvis backwards a little which causes the spine to round out. The Upseat puts the pelvis in a slightly forward position which promotes an upright posture and better alignment of the hips and neck. This position makes all the difference when we are asking baby to look around and reach for objects. Because Upseat consulted physical therapists and developmental experts, you can be sure that this seat is developmentally appropriate and beneficial!

I love the Upseat as an activity chair! Because it is so ergonomically designed, it gives the right support and puts the body in a great position to manipulate things with the hands. When the body is in a correct position, you can put more focus and energy on a task rather than on keeping your body upright.

Favorite Ways to use the Upseat as an Activity Chair

We love to put spinner or suction toys on it. The large tray is the perfect surface area for attaching suction toys. This also means you won’t be chasing stray toys all around the place while baby is playing!

  • This seat is the perfect way to contain and entertain your baby while you cook dinner, take a shower, etc. Throw some suction toys or magnetic tiles on the dishwasher, window, fridge or shower and get yourself a few seconds of peace. This activity promotes reaching overhead, which activates the core and promotes strengthening and balance.
  • This seat is also a great container for sensory activities: sand, water, play dough, whipped cream, etc. The tray is super easy to wipe down, which is always a plus! Sometimes, using a high chair for these activities can be confusing as baby thinks it is time to eat (not so great for non-edible sensory activities) but using the Upseat can cue baby that it is time for a fun activity!
  • We love to sit in our Upseat and read books as well. We all know how short a baby’s attention span can be, especially when reading books. But this snug, comfortable seat is a great way to increase baby’s attention a little longer. You can even put some toys on the tray and baby can play while you read aloud to her.

If you plan to buy a floor sitter for your baby, why not get one that is not only developmentally appropriate, but that is so versatile and will last through many phases of your baby’s development. My son is almost 19 months and we still pull out our Upseat! I love finding products I can put my name behind and this is definitely one that I am proud to recommend to other mamas!

Dr. Brittany

Brittany is a pediatric physical therapist and owner of Mommy & Me PT! She has been a therapist for almost a decade, treating kids of all ages and abilities. She found her true passion for educating parents on developmental topics when her daughter was born and realized so many parents have the same questions. Follow her on Instagram ( for tons of tips and tricks to foster your baby’s motor development through play!