10 Things New Parents Need to Know About Baby Seats


As a new or expecting parent, there’s a lot to learn and research, especially when it comes to buying baby products. You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information available online. We know your baby’s health and development is your priority, which is why we’ve consulted with pediatric experts to create this list of 10 things you should know before purchasing a baby seat.

1. When to Start Sitting

According to Dr. Kailee Noland, a Pediatric Physical Therapist and mama of two, it’s crucial a baby plays on their tummy, back, or side during the first three months of their life to promote motor development. Usually around four months, your baby will start propping themselves up on their elbows and lifting their heads up, showing you they’re ready to start sitting.

2. Proper Baby Chair Design

Jo-Anne Weltman, a Pediatric Physiotherapist in Toronto, Canada, states that many baby chairs and seats are titled backwards. This causes your baby to slump with a rounded posture. When seats, like the Upseat, are designed with a slight forward tilt, the muscles responsible for proper, upright poster are engaged.

3. The Healthiest Hip Position

Jo-Anne Weltman also shares that when babies are born, their immature hips and joints are still developing. To protect their joints, it’s important to pick a chair that causes the hips to fall or spread apart to the side. Many traditional chairs push a baby’s legs inwards, which can cause problems later.

4. Make Sure Your Baby Seat is Portable

Life with a baby is a busy one. Whether you’re going out to a restaurant, your parent’s house, or to see a friend, you’re going to want a travel high chair and baby seat that is portable and easy to travel with. The Upseat is the perfect seating option for parents on the go with its built-in handle.

5. Choose a Seat the Converts to a Feeding Chair

Shortly after your baby learns to sit, you’re going to want to start thinking about feeding them solids. Eventually, they are going to want to take over. This is when you’ll want to have a large tray for silicone suction plates and bowls to stick to. The Upseat includes a large tray and booster seat conversion straps, which allows your baby to join you at the dinner table. From floor seat to booster seat to feeding seat, Upseat provides versatility to meet your baby’s needs.

6. Baby Seats Can Impact Your Baby’s Digestion

A slumped posterior tilt while feeding can cause digestion issues. According to Jo-Anne Weltman, “Babies with reflux will have difficulty with chewing and swallowing with their necks being held forward.” The Upseat holds your baby in a “good extended position”, which means that the food goes directly down to the stomach.

7. Lifetime Warranties are Key

When purchasing any essential baby product for your little one, you’re going to want to check if there are any warranties. Luckily, all original Upseats come with a lifetime guarantee so you can purchase your seat with confidence.

8. Upper-Body Mobility Gives Your Baby the Freedom to Play

Your little one is curious and interested in the world around them. With the Upseat, your baby has the freedom to explore their environment from an upright position. Not only does the Upseat improve your baby’s arm control, but it also encourages the muscles required for proper, upright posture, all while your baby plays!

9. Baby Seats Should Last While Your Baby Grows

The Upseat is perfect for babies ages 4 months to 2.5 years old. With approximately 851 days of use, your little one is given ample time to engage the muscles responsible for proper upright posture and work towards developing healthy hips.

10. A Good Seat Should Accommodate Healthy Thigh Sizes

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, but many parents find their little ones have mobility issues in most booster seats. The Upseat’s leg openings are 4 inches wide to accommodate the healthiest thigh size.

There’s lots to consider when purchasing a product for your child. When it comes to baby seats, proper posture is key. Click here to view our 3-in-1 baby seat and make a purchase with a 100% money back guarantee.


Ready, Set, Sit!