The UpSeat Story

Our son Jack was born with a condition where we have to be particularly sensitive about his posture.  Over the past few years, our family has looked to some of the best physiotherapists (PTs) and occupational therapists (OTs) in the world for their guidance.  Their message:  All infants should have a seat that facilitates anterior pelvic tilt (is forward tilted), and that widely splays their legs.  This will engage their core muscles, facilitate good posture, and prevent hip dysplasia.
Unfortunately, an infant seat like this didn’t exist. Sitting wedges were available, but didn’t help support a young infant in an upright position. Seats that were available had backward tilted seats (not good for posture!) and had narrowly angled leg grooves that impinge infants' hips and thighs.  Our PTs and OTs didn’t like these seats, and a quick search online showed us that they weren’t alone.
As an effort to provide our son with a seat that encouraged good posture, and with the help of some talented designers and engineers, we started creating our own seats for Jack.  First out of window insulation foam.  This was actually a great material for prototyping because we could create a new seat overnight, and then continuously update it by shaving it down in one area, or adding more material in another.  After some modification, we had a seat that very obviously improved Jack’s posture, and engaged his core muscles.  When then tested the seat with other kids in daycares, and saw the same result.  Much better posture!  We attended OT and PT conferences, surveyed dozens of seating experts, and the feedback was unanimously positive.
We were encouraged to start manufacturing the seats and to make it available to other parents around the world. We call it the UpSeat because it helps facilitate a good Upright posture.
Throughout this process, we benefited greatly from feedback and contribution of individuals with special abilities and talents.  We’d like to help individuals find the right position - whether it's in a seat, or whether it's helping an individual with special abilities find the right position in the workforce.  To this end, a significant amount of profits earned from the UpSeat will be donated to this cause.
Thanks for your support,
Steve, Kim, and Jack