Dear Momma

Dear lovely Momma who recently had a baby,

Today I had an “Ah ha moment”, and I just have to share it with you. Why? Because if you are anything like me, you research the heck out of everything that can remotely effect your baby in some way, shape or form. I’m going to save you some time here because let’s be honest… you could be using these hours to catch up on some much needed sleep, a shower, or just a simple breather.

With being a new mom comes trying to find the best names, baby carrier, stroller, organic crib mattress, and the list goes on… and on… and on. How many reviews and YouTube videos does one woman need to take in before finding the right product? Countless. Why? Because we want what is best for our babies, and if it can make our lives easier than count us in!

Today, in my best efforts to keep the amount of Baby stuff I have to a minimum, I made an awesome discovery. Not just any discovery, but one that is going to save me space, money, and my Baby’s posture! … Yes, posture. Finally a Baby seat with a purpose. I actually just peed a little with excitement!

Introducing The Upseat. I stumbled upon The Upseat on instagram and I was very intrigued to say the least. Being my ol’ self, I was researching baby seats, you know something that you can rest your baby into when they are just learning how to sit up? For my first child, I regrettably purchased a Bumbo as a floor chair. So many people used them, and my son hated it the moment I put him in it. He was just so darn uncomfortable. His chunky thighs got stuck every time, and it lasted our family all of two seconds. We quickly said goodbye to it via a FaceBook Moms group, and I was left without a decent alternative.

When I came across The Upseat I said to myself “finally someone who gets it!”. The Upseat is everything the Bumbo is not, and as a Mom of two, I felt a huge sense of relief when I came across it. Here is why I instantly fell in love with the concept. The most important feature of The Upseat is that it is ergonomic and Physiotherapist approved. The angle of the inside of the chair promotes an “anterior pelvic tilt”, this naturally puts your Baby into a much better spinal alignment (upright posture) rather than a slouched over position. I love this concept because so many Mom’s feed their little ones in these types of chairs while they are just starting solids, and The Upseat actually lets your baby sit upright while feeding. Hallelujah!  Another ergonomic feature is the wide pummel. The purpose of this is to put your Baby’s hips into proper alignment. Hip development is very important, and is often overlooked. The Upseat also has wide leg holes. Yes, WIDE. This means that even Babies with chubby thighs can benefit from using The Upseat, and for a much longer period of time.

The other fantastic feature of The Upseat is that it is also a BOOSTER Seat! Yes, that’s correct. You do not have to buy a seperate booster seat when the time comes, and you can take this bad boy anywhere. The Upseat even has a handle to carry it with. Genius!  This two in one, saves you from having to buy a booster seat down the road, and saving money is always a good thing. It also means less baby stuff in general, because we all know how much extra storage space we all have?!

I truly feel that the Canadian Dad who designed The Upseat thought of everything. He must have been fed up with the lack of proper seating on the market. He includes the tray inside every box (not sold separately like the others), and even added finger holes to take the tray off more easily. I want to give this Dad a big pat on the back for coming up with the seating solution we have all been waiting for.

I hope you Momma’s enjoy The Upseat as much as I do. I bought mine from Snuggle Bugz Canada, and it is also available on Amazon or

Until next time,

Anonoymous Mom

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December 14, 2018

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